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Things to do in Saint Petersburg

Apr 26, 2018
Heads up travelers, before starting with the attractions in St. Petersburg there are a few things you need to write down first, to keep in mind before you create your route plan, to make the visit effective, quick and fundamentally low budget.

  • It is highly recommended to buy tickets to museums, opera and Palaces in advance and online, especially to the most popular attractions such as the gardens of Peterhorf and the Catalina Palace. Or, buy the card for full pass Petesburg Card that allows access to most attractions in package price. Note: The Hermitage is not included in the attractions package.
  • Attractions Closing days:
    • Hermitage – Monday
    • Russian State Museum – Tuesday
    • Churches and Cathedrals within the tourist circuit, such as Church of the Savior or St. Isaac’s Cathedral – Wednesday
    • Churches and Cathedrals within the tourist circuit, such as Church of the Savior or St. Isaac’s Cathedral – Wednesday
  • Just like in Moscow on the website http://en.spb.resto.ru/ you will find all the information to enjoy the most delicious dishes of local food, the website is free, do not forget to plan in advance , because the most crowded restaurants become fully booked  early.
  • In our previous entry we told you about the gigantic city of Moscow, in St. Petersburg most of the attractions and monuments are close to each other. It’s very good news! You can enjoy all that the city has to offer on foot. If you have a tight itinerary, here you can access the St. Petersburg Metro card, use it and recharge it as needed. A Zeepod Tip the Metro is one of the deepest in the world with stairs that seem endless going down.
  • While here we provide information about the sites and days to visit, it is always convenient to review the official websites of the attractions for updates and changes on the service schedules.

In Moscow the most central place of the city is the Red Square, in St. Petersburg that place would be the Palace Square. The Place Square has been the scene of historical events such as Bloody Sunday of 1905 or the October Revolution of 1907. Once you are there you can walk to Nevsky Avenue, which is the best-known street in the city, with many restaurants and attractive businesses (ZeepTip to experience the Yeliseev Stores). Near the avenue and on the banks of the St. Petersburg canals, the Griboyedova, is the Church of the Savior, an architectural beauty.

From the Nevsky Avenue, about 20 minutes on foot, is the Cathedral of St. Isaac, the largest cathedral in the city, located very close to the Russian State Museum (exhibits pieces from the 10th to the present).

Other relevant points that you have to see or know about:

The Kazan Cathedral, seats the Orthodox Bishop, another must-see on this tour. And for the restless globetrotters Fabergé Museum that remains open until 8:45 p.m. The fortress of San Pedro and San Pablo is the second most visited attraction after the Hermitage, is located on the banks of the Neva River and inside the fortress is the San Pedro and San Pablo’s Cathedral, and the State Museum of History of St. Petersburg and the Museum of Space Exploration.

The Gardens, fountains and palaces of Peterhof have such a large surface that it’s practically impossible to visit everything on a single day, in addition to the Upper Palace and Lower Park, along the gardens there are plenty of small buildings also attractive. It is convenient to avoid the tourists groups that visit on weekends. The fountains of the gardens begin to operate in May, until mid-September where they close with the festival of fountains.

The Opera in Russia is a constant, and in St. Petersburg opera takes place at the Mariinsky Theater. For those who still have energy at night after the long daily walks its a good say goodbye to the city, the functions usually start at 7:00 pm, and tickets can be obtained online.

The only thing left it’s to enjoy, right?

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts, we have more Zeepod Tips about St. Petersburg.


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