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Things to do in Moscow

Apr 24, 2018
Moscow is a very rich destination, with an infinity of tourist attractions beyond the famous Red Square, and the Kremlin. It has more than 400 museums and a cultural portfolio that is also reflected in the ballet and the opera. Cathedrals, parks, Soviet buildings scattered throughout the city provide an adventure that can be covered rush version or up to 5 days all day activities.

Check out a map to can see how big the city is, so planning ahead the trip is key to save time traveling to each point of interest and make the most out of each area.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that museums are usually closed on Mondays, except in the case of the Kremlin which is closed on Thursdays; and if you are interested in a guided tour (see more in Civitatis and GetYourGuide) it is better to take them in the morning since in the afternoon they sometimes close; leave the afternoons to visit public places outdoors. The best way to get around Moscow is using the Metro because its fast, you can get the Troika card charge money to it and travel as needed.

Taking into account where the attractions are located there are groups of activities that can be planned, for example, the red square, the armory and the Diamond Fund in the Moscow Kremlin, the GUM galleries (commercial are visited mostly by tourists), and the Bolshoi Theater, are very close to each other. It is essential to buy tickets in advance to enter the Kremlin, or by purchasing the CityPass Moscow card, you can access a group of attractions at a bulk price.

You can finish up this day with an abundant and traditional dinner at one of the many restaurants on Moscow’s most renowned street, Tverskaya Street, with many stores, luxury shops and restaurants. There you will find an antique restaurant founded in 1901, Eliseevsky. It’sa good place to buy gifts such as vodka, caviar or other typical Russian products. A good thing is that the store is open all day. You can also book a night for the Pushkin Café, which is very famous in Moscow and which should be booked in advance. If  you want to see how wide the local gastronomy is, you can find the options and even make online reservation using this site -> http://en.resto.ru/.

Another group of activities and attractions can be the Tretyakov Galleries, the ARBAT street with a wide variety of restaurants to experience local cuisine, as well as a good place to buy travel souvenirs. The Moscow Metro, has relics of design in several of its stations, we recommend making a stop at the Arbatskaya station that is on the way in the area as well as the Gorky Park.

The Novodevichy Convent declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2014 is Moscow’s most popular cemetery, where at the banks of Swan Lake immortalized by the composer Chaikovski the financial district skyscrapers can be contemplated.

Another must-see area: the Cold War museum or Bunker 42, the Lenin Mausoleum, the Cosmonaut walk, located at the base of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space in honor of the Sputnik’s launch.

Don’ t forget to reserve a night for the Bolshoi Theater and the Novaya Opera, there is no more eloquent way to say goodbye to Moscow. A little trick to get a discount on the tickets is to dine at the Bolshoi restaurant before, which is why they will only give you a 10% discount … Zeepod Tip 😉

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