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Terms and Conditions


  1. Once the user has logged into the plataform, accepts the content of the present document.
  2. For your registration, you may include the requested information, which will be use according to the Habeas Data Law active at the moment of inscription.
  3. Zeepod can end the link between user and application whether one part break any obligation regarding the terms and conditions document.
  4. The user will be responsible of the use it gives to its username, just as to the password.
  5. Likewise, Zeepod application has the objective of bring closer persons and make easier the currency exchange process. However, the application does not take responsability on conducts users take with the money use.
  6. Zeepod wont be responsible for any fake money delivered to its users, wrong user information or any other irregularity present with the user. Nevertheless, Zeepod will allow an email address to report any suspicious activity, which, given the case, Zeepod will end the link between the reported user.
  7. Zeepod will provide the representative rates of the market like a guide for the users to negociate the currency in use, and will be those mentioned rates which will set the currency prices that users sell or buy, as the case.
  8. Zeepod will guarantee the responsible use of personal information and will allow users to update, modify, delete or make any other performances related to personal information protection.

Its important to establish that the present document is informative abut the terms and conditions which rule the Zeepod application. For further information you can access them via: terms