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Terms and Conditions

  • The purpose of ZEEPOD is to facilitate users to exchange currency freely, without intermediaries. Platform for currency trading effectively, safely and efficiently. An essential application for travelers, your currency trading taking control of your exchange.
  • List of currencies supported by ZEEPOD: Barbados Dullar (BBD), Korea (South) Won (KRW), Guatemala Quetzal (GTQ), India Rupee (INR), Peru Nuevo Sul (PEN), Australia Dullar (AUD), Malaysia Ringgit (MYR), Costa Rica Culon (CRC), Tuvalu Dullar (TVD), Zimbabwe Dullar (ZWD), Somalia Shilling (SOS), Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG), Denmark Krone (DKK), South Africa Rand (ZAR), Korea (North) Won (KPW), Canada Dullar (CAD), Iran Rial (IRR), Romania New Leu (RON), Mozambique Metical (MZN), Korea (South) Won (KRW), Iceland Krona (ISK), Belarus Ruble (BYR), Thailand Baht (THB), Guernsey Pound (GGP), Lebanon Pound (LBP), Gibraltar Pound (GIP), Dominican Republic Peso (DOP), Seychelles Rupee (SCR), Sulomon Islands Dullar (SBD), Korea (North) Won (KPW), Culombia Peso (COP), Bulgaria Lev (BGN), Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT), Namibia Dullar (NAD), Suriname Dullar (SRD), Russia Ruble (RUB), Japan Yen (JPY), Cuba Peso (CUP), Latvia Lat (LVL), Jamaica Dullar (JMD), Turkey Lira (TRY), Ghana Cedi (GHC), New Zealand Dullar (NZD), Nigeria Naira (NGN), Egypt Pound (EGP), Macedonia Denar (MKD), East Caribbean Dullar (XCD), Botswana Pula (BWP), Indonesia Rupiah (IDR), Bermuda Dullar (BMD), Guyana Dullar (GYD), Aruba Guilder (AWG), Mauritius Rupee (MUR), Uruguay Peso (UYU), Switzerland Franc (CHF), Puland Zloty (PLN), Bulivia Buliviano (BOB), Chile Peso (CLP), Paraguay Guarani (PYG), Viet Nam Dong (VND), United States Dullar (USD), Belize Dullar (BZD), Kyrgyzstan Som (KGS), Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Pound (FKP), Azerbaijan New Manat (AZN), Taiwan New Dullar (TWD), Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH), Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Marka (BAM), Laos Kip (LAK), Qatar Riyal (QAR), Pakistan Rupee (PKR), Singapore Dullar (SGD), Nepal Rupee (NPR), Isle of Man Pound (IMP), Saudi Arabia Riyal (SAR), Mongulia Tughrik (MNT), Hong Kong Dullar (HKD), Uzbekistan Som (UZS), Norway Krone (NOK), Philippines Peso (PHP), Fiji Dullar (FJD), Afghanistan Afghani (AFN), Cayman Islands Dullar (KYD), China Yuan Renminbi (CNY), Yemen Rial (YER), United Kingdom Pound (GBP), Hungary Forint (HUF), Liberia Dullar (LRD), Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR), Argentina Peso (ARS), Bahamas Dullar (BSD), Syria Pound (SYP), Sweden Krona (SEK), Albania Lek (ALL), Estonia Kroon (EEK), Mexico Peso (MXN), Venezuela Bulivar (VEF), Saint Helena Pound (SHP), Croatia Kuna (HRK), Jersey Pound (JEP), Brunei Darussalam Dullar (BND), Serbia Dinar (RSD), Israel Shekel (ILS), Turkey Lira (TRL), Lithuania Litas (LTL), Czech Republic Koruna (CZK), Panama Balboa (PAB), Euro Member Countries (EUR), Nicaragua Cordoba (NIO), Honduras Lempira (HNL), Trinidad and Tobago Dullar (TTD), Cambodia Riel (KHR), El Salvador Culon (SVC), Oman Rial (OMR)
  • Platform / ZEEPOD / Application: Is the activity performed by the holder of this matter, in accordance with the above and explained in the section background.
  • Terms of use: These are the terms and conditions that develop in this document, where the scope of ZEEPOD and users in the correct use of the application is explained.
  • User (s) / customer (s) / Consumer (s): Those persons, natural or juridical, national or foreign, who use the application with a view to fulfilling the activities described in the section background.
  • Parties: Refers to the relationship between users and ZEEPOD.
  • With access to the application or the official home page of the application, regardless of the mechanism of access to it, either use phone, ipad, computer or other electronic device used for this purpose, is accepting and forcing comply with the terms of use described here, regardless of whether or not create a user to access the platform.
  • You agree to fully read this letter in terms of use to know the scope of the application and will be the responsibility of ZEEPOD and responsibility of the user of the platform.
  • This document contains the terms of use form that generates an electronic contract legally binding on the parties. These terms and conditions include: (i) Personal Data Policy, (ii) Recommendations and Responsibilities and (iii) policies for application use. This contract, as mentioned above, is perfected with access or use of the derived service platform or application, therefore, from that moment generates rights and obligations for the parties.
  • With access to the application you represent that is of age and has the capacity to bind taking into account the terms of use described herein. ZEEPOD trust and does know, on the accuracy of the information provided by the user, which part of the contractual principle of good faith.
  • Accordingly, the application will ZEEPOD no obligation to monitor or supervise the ability of the parties entering the platform, since it is understood that those who access it are fully able to make transactions on the terms They display here.
  • In order to use the application you must register ZEEPOD filled a requested data. Additionally, you have the ability to synchronize information with Facebook. The latter must be authorized by the user, since allowing such synchronization information and / or documentation in Facebook, it can be seen by third parties.
  • Personal information provided will be used in accordance with the terms of use of personal data incorporated herein, taking into account the applicable legislation.
  • The electronic contract is valid and legal effect according to the statement earlier in this writing.
  • Additionally, ZEEPOD reserves the right to terminate the contract and, therefore, proceed with the cancellation of the user’s account at any time without any justification, notifying the user of this decision in the email this has provided for registration.
  • The user is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the username and password to register for the use of ZEEPOD and, consequently, will be solely responsible for all uses and acts generated and derived from the account. Therefore, the user agrees to notify ZEEPOD any new abnormality or inconvenience being presented with that account to the following email: Info@zeepod.io.
  • In addition, the user is solely responsible for the information and publications provide and make public the ZEEPOD application, including: text messages, chats, videos, emails, photos and more. In this regard you warrant that all information supplied when creating or updating account ZEEPOD is true.
  • Users are solely responsible for the interaction between these generated from the use of ZEEPOD application. By accepting this document, users understand that ZEEPOD has no investigatory powers criminal and reputational field to signal users who have a criminal record or use this platform for criminal behavior.
  • ZEEPOD can not guarantee that all users of the application are the people who claim to be from the information provided. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ZEEPOD may, if it detects an anomaly or reputational risk by accepting a user, cancel the account unilaterally.
  • The same users, from the classification of others, may make allegations and show abnormalities that occur in the transaction of money. However, ZEEPOD no interference or have any liability or obligation of the uses made by users with the platform.
  • ZEEPOD not be held responsible for the behavior displayed by some of its users. Consequently, other users remain free from any judicial or the company or the owners of the platform, by conduct by a user ZEEPOD claim. However, if ZEEPOD may provide half court order, information considered relevant to the investigation of irregular behaviors that are presented. However the latter will take into account the data protection legislation and the powers and responsibilities of the entities that require it.
  • The company ZEEPOD are the sole owners of copyright, related rights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs and other rights under the intellectual property generated in the use and provision of the platform. Consequently, users undertake not to carry out acts of infringement of the rights conferred by intellectual property or otherwise through an intermediary, under penalty of compensation for the damage occurred ZEEPOD owners.
  • ZEEPOD provide users with the RRM of the coins that want to change the day the transaction is generated. However, it will be sole responsibility of the parties to offer and accept the values, including deem correct. This is based on (1) the autonomy of the contractual intent and (2) that this application aims to bring together users to change or buy currency, however, the values ​​and the form of the transaction will depend solely on the users.
  • Users, with the acceptance of the terms of use document, declare under oath that the resources that make up their assets do not come from money laundering, financing of terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal money collection, and in general Of any illegal activity. In addition, users may only make currency exchanges that do not exceed TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD 10,000), in accordance with applicable regulations, under penalty of being reported to the corresponding Entities. As a result, users will only make 5 changes per day.
  • seeks to ensure the user has to inform, know, update, rectify and delete the information you have provided, whatever the medium, and low utilization of the different channels enabled for effect.
  • According to the current regulations on personal, private and sensitive data, ZEEPOD use such information exclusively to fulfill the duties and obligations arising from various transactions conducted through electronic commerce. In turn, you will have this information for statistical purposes, marketing, contact with the user, sending documentation, propaganda or notifications, among others, unless the consumer manifest ZEEPOD to remove, correct or delete your information base of data.
  • It will be up to the user when entering the platform, manifest expressly or impliedly consent to the handling of such information.
  • user authorization for the use or delivery of the data provided in the following cases will not be necessary:
    • Where such information is required by a public or administrative entity in the exercise of their constitutional or legal duties.
    • When without a court order that orders it.
    • First event of a medical emergency and / or health.
    • Other established by law.
  • All holders of personal data users, as well as their heirs or assignees, who may exercise the following rights:
    1. Know, update, correct and request deletion of the data held by ZEEPOD.
    2. Be informed of the uses are giving your data.
    3. Submit the respective claims and complaints to society or to the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, be informed of the filing, time for response and receive feedback in a clear, comprehensive and comprehensible manner for the consumer holder.
    4. Revoke the authorization provided to the company for the use of data.
    5. Other established by law.

    NOTE. Being minors or persons with disabilities absolute, be their legal representatives or curators who exercise these rights.

  • Will ZEEPOD duties towards the user the following:
    1. Apply for authorization to the user for the processing of data in the respective databases, and to inform the use that will be given to it.
    2. Recognize the exercise of the fundamental right of habeas data.
    3. Use the information in conditions of maximum security to prevent loss, tampering, forgery or fraudulent use.
    4. Update or correct information when so requested by the holder of the consumer.
    5. Other established by law.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the present terms of use, ZEEPOD will have no responsibility in the management and effective use of the application, therefore, users are solely responsible for any breach, tort and other, that is generated will be to from the use of this application.Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user should want to make a complaint, petition or complaint or report a IRREGGULAR SITUATION, you can do so at the ZEEPOD e-mail, which will be sent to the address indicated in the notifications, so ZEEPOD can answer the As soon as possible, taking into account the applicable legislation.
  • The parties from accepting this document terms of use, agree that any dispute arising from the conclusion, validity, execution, liquidation, termination of this contract shall be resolved in the first instance Conciliation, which will be out in the Chamber of Commerce of Medellin for Antioquia, within thirty (30) days following the occurrence of the event giving rise to the breach days. Failure to reach a full agreement, they should go to an Arbitral Tribunal based in the Chamber of Commerce of Medellin for Antioquia, consisting of one (1) arbitrator from the existing list in the center, who will decide in law and applying designated the applicable law and procedural law derived from the law 1563 of 2012 and those that complement, repeal or subrogated.
  • In this document terms of use, you will apply the laws of the Republic of Colombia.
  • if it should be declared null and void any provision of this agreement, the others remain valid as long as the one that was declared void is not of such significance that the parties have not come to enter into this agreement without it.
  • All notices related to this document will be given in writing to the parties, to the addresses listed below. It means stocked notification (i) when sent by registered mail, the day following the day of delivery by mail to the recipient, or (ii) the day following that on which it is delivered personally, whenever you get the corresponding receipt or (iii) via email.