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  • Zeepod is an app that contacts travelers who want to exchange currency in a safe and efficient way.
  • Zeepod came up because of travelers need to know where to find foreign exchange when traveling abroad. In addition, it is always essential to carry cash when traveling to other countries, as cards do not always work and using them has a much higher cost.
  • Zeepod´s customers are mainly frequent travelers, eager to explore new countries, to get to know their culture and live new experiences. Zeepers lead an uncomplicated lifestyle, they are very interested in getting to know the world around them and connecting with one another they are bound to be foreigners at some point of their life.
  • Download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play. Sign up through Facebook, Google or e-mail, create an offer by selecting the type of currency you have and the one you want to exchange it for, choose amongst the available offers and send a Zeep. Once the zeep is accepted, agree on the conditions of the transaction, place of meeting and exchange rate.
  • Zeepod is generally used when traveling or when you intend to travel in the near future. The platform can be used anywhere in the world and is especially useful at airports, lodging and in high tourist traffic areas of each city (restaurants and cafes at the city´s hot spots). With Zeepod it is no longer necessary to go to sites recommended by the hotel or ATMs, which always offer a higher exchange rate.
  • Through Zeepod you can contact any user around the world with any type of legal currency.
  • Zeepod is downloaded free of charge. When the transaction takes place the exchange rate is defined, usually it is lower than the market´s rate.
  • Zeepod employs the most advanced platforms in the world of Google, they are safe for handling information and transporting data. These are encrypted to give a greater level of security and privacy while the data is in progress and through these tools translations are made. Data is protected through multiple layers of security, including leading encryption technology, HTTPS and TLS.
  • Zeepod’s reach is to contact people who need to exchange currency. The physical currency exchanged is responsibility of each of the users this is why it is recommended to check the contacted zeepers verifications. It is possible to report inconveniences of this type through the platform, reporting the users.
  • The App is available in all of the world, its use will depend on the offers that have been created in each one of the countries based on the traveler’s needs.
  • The app as such does not carry out transactions with any type of currency, each user is free to receive the currency with which he wishes to make an exchange. The option to negotiate with Bitcoin is within the list of possibilities in Zeepod.
  • A Zeep is the action of contacting another user through a click on the Zeep button. Once this action is executed, approval must be given to start a chat and agree on the terms of the negotiation.
  • The range to find users is within 10 Kilometers.
  • Recommended places to exchange money are lodging places, shopping malls, chain stores, restaurants and cafes.