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Top 10 of the best sports to practice on trips

Jun 8, 2017
For the restless or for those who can’t chill for too long. Being out of our town for pleasure or work challenges us with opportunities to stay in shape and have fun alltogether. Here we compiled a list of the 10 best activities to do while on a trip, and do not forget that … doing sports is healthy!1 – Run This activity only requires a good pair of sneakers and you are ready. On your own, with a friend or on a treadmill at the gym it is the best cardio to practice anywhere. 2 – Ciclying This activity is the best to make your heart beat strong and seighnsee at the same time. If you find yourself in a new city, it allows you to have a different look and cover greater distances. A fixed bike can also work and make your legs burn with a good training cycle. 3 – Swim Relaxing from head to toes is the best activity to unplug and hear only the sound of the water. It’s a full body work out activity and you will feel renewed. Studies have shown that contact with water has been proved as a relaxation element. 4 – Soccer Will require at least a small group of people to complete the teams, it will be entertaining where to get the players from. Group activities in unfamiliar places is the best way to make new friends and fellow adventurers.5 – Surf For wave lovers or those who would love to try it and have fun falling in the attempt, surf is a great exercise, shoulders, torso and legs will be well trained by the end, and hopefully with an even tan.6 – Climbing Heights bring mixed feelings even among the most adventurous, however climbing provides a dynamic and attractive exercise. It can be done outdoors or on an indoor wall.7 – Tennis While it will keep you moving, it is not necessarily intense if the goal is just to play, you can take advantage of the day outdoors and be distracted by playing with friends, acquaintances, or co-workers.8 – Rowing It takes a lot of energy to do a good rowing workout, and it can also be done indoors with gym equipment. Very good plan for back bodybuilding.9 – Volley It is super fun to play volleyball on the beach, as well as football, it is a great activity to do any time of year. 10 – Sky/Snowboard We saved these for last because it is very specific and fun. It’s hard to sky or snowboard without snow and/or mountains, right? Additionally it requires many items like clothing, boards, walking sticks and helmet. If we have all the materials, enjoy the trails!!!! Which of these sports have you tried? Leave us your comment.Zeepod.(pst.. we have tried 9 of 10, guess which ones…)

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