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The most beautiful towns in Colombia

Dec 30, 2017
Colombia is no longer a well-kept secret travel destination in South America. There are many reasons why Colombia is drawing visitors from all over the world; with fairytale-like towns, wild exotic beaches, cool coffee and the warmest people you will ever meet. For travelers with a bit more time to venture off the major touristy route, they will encounter a true authentic Colombia in the small towns and villages, which are beautiful and well worth a visit.


Barichara means “a place to rest” and it stills keeps its colonial architecture. Yellow is the main color of Barichara due to the stone used to build streets, houses, churches and crafts. It’s well-known for producing hormigas culonas (literally translated as “big-assed ants”) that you can eat if you visit this town.


Mompox is an island surrounded by the Magdalena river and known as “Museum City”. The combination of Spanish architecture with caribbean vibes, the birds posing on the trees, stylish and breathtaking sunsets make of Mompox a masterpiece.

Villa de Leyva

A town that breathes culture and a delicious fresh air. The weather is nice and fresh which is ideal to go around without suffering the hot temperatures. The green mountains view is fabulous and contrasts with the white houses and their orange roofs.


Jardín’s main attraction is that it keeps intact the original architecture of the town. Every balcony is embellished with flowers that give the main square a special flavor. The main square is the place that holds all the activities of the town. Jardín is full of love, tradition and beauty. We recommend you to try the trout, typical of the region.

Santa Fe de Antioquia

Santa Fe de Antioquia is full of stone pavement streets, colonial facades, colorful windows and big patios with palm trees. It’s not just a beautiful town, here important events are held such as Film Festival, Music Festival, Photography Festival and the Festival of the Little Devils, among others.

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