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How to haggle and not lose in the attempt

Jun 12, 2017
Those who know how to bargain well, consider it an art, but the reality is that as with any other situation, with a little practice and some useful advice, it is not difficult to learn. Obviously it would not be the case if it were to send a rocket into space, of course, but when talking about for example buying a souvenir walking through Morocco, or eating a traditional dish in India, bargaining is pretty much a way of life.Let’s start by saying that bargaining doesn’t work everywhere, as in some places it’s an everyday thing, almost an obligation. Bargaining is so steeped into some cultures, you will find that prices of items, services and even food are higher, because you are expected to ask for some kind of discount.1- It is fundamental to know about the destination to which we are going before to understand the dynamics and not be asking for discounts in a restaurant in Switzerland, who will look at you as if we were speaking in Chinese.2 – Knowing the terrain, we will know where and when to request a discount. In some destinations the rebate exists only on transportation, in other places it also applies to food and guided tours.3 – Find out the price of the service or product that we look for in more than one place, without showing too much interest, otherwise they will not lower prices.4 – Keep in mind how much we are willing to pay for what we are looking for, it is easier to negotiate when you have a budget limit.5 – In the case of tour guides it is feasible to get discounts on additional services that may of interest to us. For example: Show interest about guided tour 1 and 2, we ask for a discount for visit 1 saying that if granted, we will do tour 2 with this guide as well.6 – Do not rush! Negotiations can take time, you will need to soften the seller to change the price.7 – Finally, if the seller does not give in, try saying “Perfect, I‘ll be back in a few days because it is too expensive, see you later.”Start slowly to leave the place to see the willingness of the seller to close the deal. If he follows you, will probably ask, “How much money do you have now?” That means he bought it, leaving only room for you to close the deal.Leave us a comment about your experience with bargaining!Zeepod

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