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How to discover the best of Europe on a budget

Sep 12, 2017
Every year new destinations around the world acquire importance among travellers, but Europe is still one of the most seeked after. Europe has the most important cities, and lesser known ones, of great beauty. The opulence of the past combines perfectly with the advantages of these times, making Europe a destination that will always be desired by travellers.The opulence and vanguardism of the capital cities make tourists believe Europe is an expensive destination, but it’s not true. Travelling around Europe can be adjusted to different budgets and here you’ll find tips to save money.

Be organized before travelling

The key questions are when, how and where. If you have enough time before the trip, you can schedule it for low season, find offers on transportation and search in which cities it’s more convenient to make a stop; outside the well-known circuits it’s always cheaper. Being organized on these three steps, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.

New accommodation options

Lately, there has been a renewal of accommodation options. Hotels are comfortable but expensive. If you want to save money there are other options: hostels, bed and breakfast, airbnb or couchsurfing. Moreover, you’ll be saving on food as well because they give you the opportunity to go to the supermarket and prepare your meals at your own place.

Transport between cities

Distances between cities are short in Europe so it’s common for travellers to move around to visit more than one place. There are many options to save on transport: low cost airlines, trains and buses. The most popular options are: Ryanair airlines that offers tickets between 5 and 20 euros and Bla Bla Car buses that offers long distance carpooling service across Europe and the ride costs less than the gasoline.

Have a great time

Europe offers many possibilities in each city. Just walking around it’s a great experience and the opportunity to discover: towns, parks, markets, and more. If you want to do other activities, like going to a museum, we recommend you check their websites before going. Generally, there are places that offer free admission on a given day of the week or have special discounts for students, teachers or senior citizens that might be helpful.

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